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HPI – History of Present Individual

HPI – Hx of Present Individual

Whenever you go to a healthcare provider, the healthcare provider always asks you the History of Present Illness. They ask what brought you in today, when did that start and how did that happen, what makes it better and what makes it worst, how severe is it and what does it feel like, does it radiate and what other symptoms do you have? 

They continue to ask about your past medical history and your family and social history wondering if anyone in your family suffers from Cardiovascular disease, Hypertension, Arthritis, Diabetes, Stroke, etc. What do you do for a living, do you smoke, do you drink and do you exercise? Hows your diet?

In the end, you wind up being a walking list of conditions? In craniosacral, we are trained to treat what we find. We do not treat the “diagnosis”. By treating the whole person, we are allowing your body to resolve the underlying condition itself which may be resulting in this list of symptoms. 

Keep in mind, craniosacral therapists treat what they find. Take into consideration that a symptom may be in your low back, but the culprit may be in your left knee or right ankle. 

I had a patient who suffered from chronic migraines. I did chiropractic adjustments. I performed all different types of massages like hot stone, bamboo, ashiatsu with and without aromatherapy. I did modalities such as ultrasound, heat, electrical stimulation and traction. I did gua sha and cupping. All helped but did not provide 100% relief from the migraines. The thing that worked was an acupuncture needle to KI1 on the sole of the foot. Just something to keep in mind. 

Dr. Mary’s History of Present Individual?

Craniosacral has shaped the way I approach patients who come to my office. 

During a session, YOU guide me, your practitioner, through your History of Present Individual, a story guided by the cellular memory found in the brains of your skin, fascia, muscles, bones, organs and glands. As your history begins to unravel, your symptoms may start to dissipate, which is felt by me, the practitioner, as tight tissues start to release and loosen. 

History of Present Individual is who you are and how you came to be? It may include your birth or your earliest childhood memory. It may include the who, what, where, when, why and how surrounding a thought or a belief or a residual from an emotional or physical trauma. 

Craniosacral is based on the theory your body is constantly  changing and adapting. You are never the same body twice. Your body on the first visit is different from your body on the second visit which is different from your body on the third visit…….so why do the same treatment over and over again?


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