One of the main goals of Better Every Step today is to offer holistic therapies to babies and children with money being a non-issue. Too often, parents base their decisions off of “what insurance covers”. Unfortunately, parents are financially and emotionally exhausted by the time they get to my office. It is these therapies that we offer that can be health and life changing.

‚ÄčThe plan is to have a facility full of health care professionals making themselves available to all children, no matter what their financial status is. Whether they have health insurance or not, whether they come from rich or poor families, no child will ever be turned away.

The beauty of these therapies is they can be performed anywhere! It is part of the plan to hire craniosacral therapists to go into physical therapy offices and work alongside the PTs, OTs and speech therapists with the parental consent so that your child could get even greater benefit from the services they are already receiving.

The second goal is to educate, educate, educate!!! It is our goal to spread the word on these therapies. We want to work with the local schools, pediatricians, baby gyms and deliver health talks, seminars and workshops.

This group is not intended to compete with other chiropractors, licensed massage therapies, acupuncturist and mental health counselors. This group is meant to encourage children as well as adults to seek out these forms of treatments and understand its value. If this organization leads to more people seeking out these therapies in their neighborhood, than the organization has fulfilled one of its purposes. If a student starts considering pursuing jobs in the alternative health care industry, then the organization has fulfilled its purpose.

Limitations/Requirements for Free Treatment:

  • Must be younger than 18 years of age
  • Limit to 8 treatments per month OR as medically necessary
  • No Insurance taken

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