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Mission Statement:

To conserve and restore the natural body systems of babies and children by providing optimum care through holistic clinical practices and education, which may reduce unnecessary medications and surgery.

Success Stories

There have been impressive results with Craniosacral Therapy and NAET abroad so I especially wanted to try those. It's difficult to find a therapist here that I would feel confident in their abilities, but Dr. Mary did not disappoint.

Nancy G.

As parents, we are our children's greatest advocates. After countless approaches, I finally feel we're on the right path. I would heartily recommend Dr. Mary to others as part of a multidisciplinary effort to make the most of their potential.

Nancy G.

Her enthusiasm to help others is refreshing and contagious. When you speak with her about her foundation, her face lights up and her eyes sparkle. Her dedication to her patients is exceptional, I am especially impressed by her desire to learn more about her patients and her field. Doctor Mary is compassionate and intelligent, and she has a clear sense of purpose. I believe she will make a significant contribution to the autism community. In my family, Doctor Mary is the answer to a prayer.

Lorna M.

I started going to Dr. Mary for her inflammation test, since I've suffered from stomach pain from nearly all foods all my life. After doing the elimination and continuing to see her, I am now able to eat nearly anything without pain or bloating! I continued to see her since I have a very physically demanding and stressful job, so she helps me when I injure my back or need a meditative crainosacral session. From chiropractic and massage to acupunture, she always helps me heal mentally and physically.


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